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Allan Dillard (SSN: 222-01-XXXX DOB: 05/21/1988) is a divorced military officer who had physical custody of his daughter all year. Allan driver's license, FL 123456789 date issued 01/01/2017 expiring 01/01/2024.

His daughter, Fionna Dillard (SSN: 222-02-XXXX DOB: 08/12/2007), received all her support from Allan. 

According to the divorce decree, his former wife, Sharon Dillard (SSN: 222-03-XXXX, born 10/10/1977), can claim Fionna as her dependent. Allan stated he had already given her a Form 8332. 

Allan's widowed mother, Janice Smith (SSN:222-04-XXXX DOB:04/24/1955), came to live with him in March 2022 to help care for Fionna. In 2022, Janice received social security benefits of $1,000 and had interest income of $4, 160. 

He did not itemize his deductions last year.

Practice Scenario #2

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