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Father and Son Playing

Jerry (SSN: 111-01-XXXX DOB: 05/22/1975) and Susan Wilson (SSN: 111-02-XXXX DOB: 07/29/1976) are married and will file a joint return. Jerry driver's license, FL 123456789 date issued 01/01/2017 expiring 01/01/2024. Susan driver's license, FL 234567891 date issued 01/01/2017 expiring 01/01/2024.

Susan's daughters, Mary Nelson (SSN: 111-03-XXXX DOB: 10/12/2007) and Harriet Nelson (SSN: 111-04-XXXX DOB 12/06/2002), lived with them all year. Harriet, who is not a student, worked as a salesclerk and earned $5,700 which she spent on clothes. She has no other income and neither girl provided more than half of her own support. 

Jerry is unemployed and had no earned income during the year. Susan worked as an accounting clerk. Form W-2 was received. 

The Wilsons' only other income was $9. 75 in interest from their savings account at First Bank. No Form 1099-INT was received for this amount. 

They did not itemize last year. 

Practice Scenario #1

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